2017 Speakers

Alba Levy Alamillo

Alba Levy Alamillo is a certified hypnotherapist and author who has spent the last 20 years of her career researching why people feel like victims or have inferiority complex. She believes those two traits cause most emotional struggles. For the last 15 years, Alamillo has helped a wide range of people get rid of their distorted self-perceptions and achieve their potential in all areas of their lives. Alamillo will be discussing how our belief systems are formed and their consequences on behavior, social interactions, and professional achievement.

 Jeff Harding


During his 34 years in education, Dr. Jeff Harding has been committed to academic equity for all students from elementary school through college, first as a teacher, then as a principal and now as Superintendent for the Mountain View/Los Altos High School District. Despite the efforts of committed educators and billions of taxpayer dollars, the achievement gap continues to limit the potential of underprivileged students. Dr. Jeff Harding will discuss the importance of looking outside the classroom to fill the gap in educational opportunity inherent between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.


Curtis Hawthorne is a software engineer who works at Google Brain on the Magenta project. Magenta seeks to ask and answer the questions, “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music? If so, how? If not, why not?”

Francisco ‘Pancho’ Ramos


Francisco ‘Pancho’ Ramos Stierle is a Mexican-born former astrophysics Ph.D. student turned full-time community activist and humanitarian. An avid student of Gandhi, Pancho practices ahimsa, which is popularly translated as “nonviolence” in thoughts, words, and deeds. He became a known figure of the Occupy movement after being arrested while meditating during the dismantling of the Occupy Oakland Camp. He is a full-time volunteer and founding resident of Casa de Paz (House of Peace) at Canticle Farm, an organic farm in the heart of Oakland, CA run entirely by volunteers with products that are distributed as a gift throughout the community, as well as ServiceSpace, an incubator of generosity-driven projects.

Jeff Rosen


Jeff Rosen is a member of the Mountain View community and the District Attorney of Santa Clara County. His mission for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is to vigorously pursue justice in a way that is fair and treats everyone with respect, and his core values are service, hard work, transparency and integrity. Rosen will talk about how Germany has a much lower crime rate and fewer people in prison than the United States. How does Germany do that? Is it because their prisons are different than ours? Is there anything we could learn from them?

Jayme AlbrittoN

Jayme Albritton, a sophomore at Mountain View High School, aspires to study law at a 4-year university. Jayme is passionate about education and her goal is to provide equivalent education to all children. Her talk is titled “Is Competition Killing our Communication?”.

Shira DavidsoN

Shira Davidson, a senior at Mountain View High School, loves music, long phone calls, falafel, and autumn. Her talk is called, “How to Move Forward by Taking a Step Back”.

Leah LaM

Leah, a senior at Mountain View High School, is an active leader and public speaker on campus through student government and Speech & Debate. In her talk is titled, “Why and how we should engage in intellectual conversations,”

Nicholas Mark

Nicholas Mark, a junior at Mountain View High School, was born and raised in the Bay Area. His talk titled “The Truth Behind Lying”.

Kieran Ward

Kieran Ward, a junior at Mountain View High School, was born in Menlo Park, and moved to Mountain View three years ago, and is an extremely kind, generous, and totally humble man. He likes acting, the stupid jokes he makes, and gaming, which is what part of his talk will be about. He is proficient in Microsoft Excel. His talk is called, “Pressing the ‘A’ Button”.       

Connery Wood

This past summer, Connery, a junior at Mountain View High School, was an intern in the Stanford Earth Young Investigators Program where he studied the island of Palau’s. His talk is titled, “From an Island to the World: How Palau is a Model for Us All”. 

Albert Zhang

Albert, a senior at Mountain View High School, is interested in business management and technology. He enjoys going to the beach, cooking, and playing Tetris. His talk is titled,”At Our Core”.

Payton Millet

Payton Millet is a Mountain View Senior who’s primary interests revolve around student theater and filmmaking through Freestyle academy. Last year the Spartan Players, Mountain View’s student drama club, produced Payton’s first original musical: Solo. This year he is working intently on songwriting for Odd Party, the Spartan Players current musical production, with the book written by Christien Skousen and Caden Gavaria. His passion for playwriting and filmmaking stems from a common desire to capture different aspects of his life and convey them through theatrical and cinematic art.

Robert Sanders

Robert Sanders is a singer-songwriter based in Mountain View, California. He began his musical career at the age of five when he picked up the violin and piano. Soon after joining MVHS’s Madrigals Choir, however, he realized his passion lay in singing. His first song is called, “Same Old Boy” and his second song is titled, “Too Close”.

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